Monday, November 16, 2009

Reverse Painting on Glass

This weekend I had the pleasure of learning an art form that has been around for quite some time, but one in which I have never heard of until now. It's called "Reverse Painting on Glass," and it was very hard, yet fun to learn. The picture above is an antique Chinese reverse painting on glass. Basically, you are literally painting in reverse. You start with the fine details of your picture and you work your way to the background. Because you are painting on glass, you have to make sure each layer of paint dries fully before moving on to the next layer. The best paints to use because of the drying process are acrylic paints. Also, you have to make sure you have a plan before you start. Most of the time when you are painting or creating a picture, you start off and let the brush lead you to the finished project. With this painting, you have to have the finished project already in your head before you begin. That is probably the most challenging of all when it comes to trying this technique. However, once mastered, you'll find that this is a great way of painting.

Because the finished product is sitting behind the glass when you hang it, the painting is always going to be protected! Reverse painting is most commonly used as decoration to clocks, mirrors and other pieces of furniture. However, my favorite way to do it is by purchasing picture frames, painting on the glass, and then re-framing it. The following link will take you to a step by step instruction on how to create one of your own. Have fun!

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